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Written and Produced by HAAL
Engineered at Fahrenheit Studio by Travis Kammeyer
Mixed and Mastered by Chris Common
Artwork by Matt Kerley


released September 19, 2016

Travis Kammeyer: Vocals / Guitar
Will Ford: Guitar / Vocals
Bo Dugger: Bass Guitar
Kevin Lane: Drums



all rights reserved


HAAL Johnson City, Tennessee

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Track Name: Let Me See Your Face
come back down here let me see your face
when the winter comes they'll burn this place
light a candle, so we can burrow through
i don't know where we'll go or what we'll do

right now !
I'm turned on to your ways
just help me from this maze
i feel caution in what you saw
just don't look down

lets hide in the grass as the moon turns blue
well drown our scent when the dogs let loose
our lungs collapse from the tinder air
the briars cut but we don't care

all my love it seeps through you
it pours through you
not afraid of the real world
all my thoughts complete through you
they compute through you its a shame
its the real world now
all my trust installed by you
it burns right through
and it laughs at the real world
all my lust it eats through you
controlled by you
I'm not in the real world now

escape is a drug fueled by the real world now
we'll wade to the edge pull ourselves back out
it is morning again feel the warmth rain down
it just a game
Track Name: Alien Race Girl
i feel your plastic eyes
they stare at me through the rice paper walls
red perforated skin
someone will offer us up if you don't run now

i feel the wonder of an alien race girl now
we're blasting off into radiant skies
they built a castle on the opposite end of Earth
to talk surrender, we would both rather die

i feel the cameras watch
your hand in mine through the narrow hallways
the screen it flashes signs
they'll find us down here if we don't run now

ill kill the empty faces with all my broken arrows
come let them dance in my hands force to sing like sparrows
let's flood the emptied oceans with all the souls in heaven
the briney deep will take us down.

ill kill them all with these hands
Track Name: The Center Line
Generations will destroy what's left
the center line has not removed itself yet

as we watch my body break in the worm hole now
I'm rolling through this black
i feel i can't escape and the worst of it all
you're turning back

every wives tale
they spoke so clear
tiny white door
that draws you near your maker now

as you watch our ship burn through the ozone now
we're rolling through this black
i feel i can't escape and the worst of it all
there's no turning back

everyday i find my brain is dead
my body is weaker now
I've fallen through your voice / theres nothing there
I'm finding you weaker now
i call onto your god
to pull me out

little children play in the ash
monuments you'll build right back
when they burn

as we watch our bodies drain in the ocean now
I'm rolling through this black
i can't decide our fate and the worst of it all
theres no turning back

its seven years for you
and what we see is still blue
the shadow washes us through
it takes the world
Track Name: I Won't Move
it came out of the floor again
moved around when i wasn't home
made a mark on the study wall
made me wish that i was'nt born

come with me and i'll show you where
let me trust you without a care
we can shove it back down the hole
i won't move until it is clear

made a war up by fireside
fell asleep and i felt your ghost
serpentine and i know you're near
on the mirror so smooth and clear

come with me and show you where
let me love you without a care
we can lose all of our control
i won't move until it is clear
Track Name: Mark the Ground
everything was written down
lock the door
mark the ground
all this was built here for you
everything has borders
children with disorders
and i don't know which lie is true
magnet bad decisions
marked by your religion
and i don't know which lie is you

I'm calling your name out
believing its true!

fall into nothingness
the wraith of obedience
scale back the evidence
its all in my head
i'll circle the dead
belief in a callus I've long since dismembered

anything that you can do
to show me there's a heart in you
i'll still believe you were near
carried by your mother
followed by your brothers
what more could've made this one clear
marked by your decisions
scattered bruised incisions
that leaves us a blanket of fear

and i see the water in your head
somehow it's draining again
close off the tap and come to bed
the sunlight is screaming
Track Name: Your Dirt is My Shelter
all that i felt came rushing back out
when i saw your face, and i thought
I'm easily betrayed by words
i cower in your cold
when all your feeling doesn't amount to anything
your dirt is my shelter in the end

realize you're dead and all your fears are coming
forever the same way back out
you'll feel no way out

I've needed your words to push me back down
so i can crawl away to your heart
I'm watching you squirm again
the days are so long
when all your feeling doesn't amount to anything

you're running
all your fears down
you're running
the same way back out
you're running
from all your fears
Track Name: Wretched Design
lay me down here i can't move one more step
yellow field grass lays so smooth on my head

oh my wretched design
i feel as thought i
can't wait for the tide
to wash me out
i wish for the world
to grab me up
and head straight for the sun

crystal stars flow right through
illuminate me
the smell of rose fills the room
i see you there with me

oh my ageless design was bulletproof then
i wait for time to count me down
i still wish for the world to grab me up
and head straight for the sun

just let me burn for you under this sun
if you listen to me you'd hear the truth
and if you'd have listen to me you'd still be alive

my wretched design for you
my ageless design for you